Hiking Zion National Park

Hiking Zion National ParkHiking Zion National Park exposes outdoor enthusiasts to some incredible sights: from red sandstone cliff formations to narrow slot canyons; from refreshing springs and waterfalls to the lush flora of the hanging gardens. Breathtaking is the word that comes to mind and is a sentiment shared by fellow outdoor blogging enthusiast Julie Dobson over at escapingthemidwest.com.

Narrowing down the spectacular sights can be difficult to do, but Julie has done a terrific job in a blog post entitled 5 REASONS TO VISIT ZION NATIONAL PARK. In her post, she has chosen her favorite elements to share with her readers.

We were taken in by her experiences and thought we would share some of them with you as well.

Hiking Zion National Park

Hiking Zion National Park | The TrailThere are so many different hikes you can experience while Hiking Zion National Park including, The Watchmen Trail, Angel’s Landing (one of the most well know), Weeping Rock Trail, the Emerald Pool hikes and many others. The adventurous types can take the full 5-mile tour ending with a spectacular view of the entire Zion Valley.

Beginning with Zion’s Colorful and Majestic formations of sedimentary rock layers consisting of limestone, sandstone, mudstone and shale, Julie’s post takes her readers on a journey across the stunning formations consisting of reds, pinks, browns, oranges and streaks of white.

Her journey then continues through the Zion Narrows with its 1,000 foot high walls tapering into a slice of land occupied by the Virgin River (the architect of the narrows), under the natural sandstone arches (including Kolob and Crawford.), and into The Subway, a tunnel-shaped underground slot canyon that is one of the most recognized places for hikers and backpackers to explore.

Do you want to learn more about Zion National Park? We encourage you to check out Julie Dobson’s Post at escapingthemidwest.com/zion to learn more about her reasons that hiking Zion National Park is a must for any and all outdoor enthusiasts.
Hiking Zion National park

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