Create lifelong memories for your group.

Offer your guests, team, or family a unique view of the Southwest. Pull together a group of people, and we’ll do the rest, offering up an experience on the trails and in the Southwest that your group won't soon forget.

Southwest Discoveries is expert at taking groups on paths less traveled, immersing people in the splendor of the desert, and sharing unique history, perspectives, and knowledge about the region that'll change the way you see it.

When you plan your personalized guided hiking tour for your group with Southwest Discoveries, you'll connect your people with places that go well beyond the ordinary. Open up a whole new world to your group with deeper interactions, team-building, and the type of bonding that only nature can bring.

How the Personal Guided Hiking Tours Work

There’s something powerful about being in nature with the synergy of a group, you know.

A personalized guided hiking tour is designed to consider your unique preferences, such as length, difficulty level, and sights, and tailor-fit a hike just for you. With a Southwest Discoveries hiking guide, you’ll be qualified to give your group a close-up encounter with the best spots in the Southwest — including those less traveled paths.

With our guided experts at the helm, you're personally ensured that every adventure is met with enthusiasm for the outdoors and education that'll add more depth to the already breathtaking views.

Private Parties

Reunions, community groups, or family vacations. There are many times in life when large groups converge together to have an experience of a lifetime, and when that convergence happens in the Southwest, you simply must explore the trails of this area. Book your private party and create a personalized hike tailored to your preferences and people.

Corporate Conferences

Bringing together a conference for your industry, association, or corporation? Offer an additional personalized guided hiking tour as a team-building exercise or add-on excursion. Your attendees will love the unexpected bonus offering and will away remembering your conference as the one who checked Southwest hiking off their bucket list.


We work closely with hotels, resorts, and destination marketing companies to provide guests with a unique view of the Southwest. Whether through teaching classes on site or bringing small groups onto the trails, we can help you provide guests with an experience that will have them eager to leave you a five-star review online.