Arizona offers some of the best bird watching in the world, and a guided hiking tour in the Southwest can bring you closer to these fascinating animals. In this two-day Arizona birding tour of the Southwest, we will visit the renowned Gilbert Riparian Preserve near Phoenix and explore beautiful Rogers Canyon. What makes this tour so unique is the sheer variety of birds to be sighted, combined with the beautiful wilderness characteristics and treasure trove of archaeological wonders of Rogers Canyon.

The following is just a sample of some of the magnificent southwestern Arizona birds which may be sighted: Great Blue Heron (Ardea Herodias), Gambel’s quail, Anna’s hummingbird, Costa’s hummingbird, Turkey vulture, Bell’s vireo, Verdin, Rock wren, Canyon wren, White-throated swift, Lucy’s warbler, Common raven, Ruby-crowned kinglet, House finch, Lesser goldfinch, Gila woodpecker, Zone-tailed hawk, Phainopepla, Black phoebe, Mallard and American coot.

That’s a total of 22 species!

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Expert Birdwatcher - Sonoran Sky Birdwalks

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Soak up the splendor of Arizona's birds on this unique workshop in the wild.



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6 - 12


This two-day Arizona birding tour will be led by Shero Holland with Sonoran Sky Birdwalks. Shero is an expert birdwatcher, a sensitive-species surveyor, a birdwatching/hiking/walking guide and has a B.A. degree in geology at Rice University and an M.N.S. in Biology at Arizona State University. He has been studying birds, wildlife and botany for over twenty years.

  • Day One

    Gilbert Riparian Preserve

  • Day Two

    Rogers Canyon


Hike and bird-watch in one of the most beautiful and seldom visited canyons in all of Arizona.

“I cannot imagine any adventure company better suited and more qualified than Southwest Discoveries to lead hiking and outfitting tours in the Southwest. They are the best. Their trips are intelligently planned and carried out and they meet or exceed all environmental standards. I cannot recommend anyone more highly than Southwest Discoveries.”

Keith BagwellSierra Club, Rincon Group Conservation Chair – Tucson Arizona, Grand Canyon Chapter Executive Committee Vice Chair

Day One

Gilbert Riparian Preserve

On the first day of your journey, you will take in the breathtaking splendor and avian diversity of the Gilbert Riparian Preserve.

Day Two

Rogers Canyon

On the second day you will hike and bird-watch in one of the most beautiful and seldom visited canyons in all of Arizona: Rogers Canyon. Get your binoculars ready, this is a bird watching and hiking experience not to be missed.

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