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An Experience Unlike Any Other

You have many travel companies to choose from, but Southwest Discoveries is a little bit different. Our unique itineraries put expert guides on your side for every new adventure you encounter.


Our guides’ experience works in your favor.


We tell the story of the Southwest.


Conservation is the core mission of Southwest Discoveries.


Your enjoyment and positive memories are our priority.

See the Arizona Southwest in a New Light

Go Safely Off the Beaten Path

With an experienced guide leading the way, you'll learn more about the desert and see lesser known areas, while gathering experiences that will stay with you for a lifetime. These personalized guided hikes in Tucson and across Arizona go a step beyond experiencing this region on your own. Gather new knowledge, new memories, and a new found love of the desert while you explore the trails with Southwest Discoveries.

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Secret wild locations

Spirits of the Past

Group size6 - 12

Prepare to discover Southeast Arizona in a way that honors the culture, lifestyle, and spirits of the past. On this unique Arizona adventure and conservation oriented tour, you will get a taste of ghost towns, authentic cuisine and monuments.

Arizona Adventure

Group size6 - 12

Experience Arizona in a way you never thought possible. Arizona Adventures tours are designed to give active travelers a chance to bike, hike, and raft their way through some of the most incredible canyons in Arizona.

Red Rock Adventure

Group size6 - 12

Come join us on one of the best red rock tours in the southwest! You’ve seen the stunning beauty of the red rocks on postcards, in pictures, and on video. Nothing does it justice.

Grand Canyon Adventure

Group size6 - 12

Ready for the thrill of a lifetime? Join our most adventurous tour offering as we journey to one of the world’s wonders.

Salsa Trail Tour

Group size6 - 12

Soak up the flavors of the Sonoran Desert. On our Salsa Trail tour, we will experience hiking and birding in Arizona. We will explore the history, culture and scenic beauty of Southeastern Arizona and enjoy terrific Mexican food on one of our best Arizona food tours.

Scottsdale Tour

Group size6 - 12

Ready for the thrill of Arizona adventures and experiencing Scottsdale? Join us on this fascinating tour blending urban sophistication and the wonders of the desert. Located in the beautiful Sonoran Desert, Scottsdale, Arizona is bordered by Phoenix to the west and mountains on the east.

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    Arizona locations

    Explore the beauty and splendor of the Grand Canyon state.

    Variety of Landscapes

    From red rocks to urban cuisine, our tours can connect you with all this region has to offer.

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