As a destination marketing company, resort, hotel, or trip planner, your job is to provide guests with the best experience when they visit the Southwest. We deliver on that expectation Tucson hiking guides that will wow your guests on unique trails, waterways, and tours.

As a Southwest Discoveries partner, we’ll work alongside you to create a tour that will leave them excited and eager to share with their friends. That result will build your brand as the company that connected them with the excursion, creating a long-lasting impression in their mind.

Allow our expert guides to tailor-fit a hike to your guest's preferences and outdoor styles. No two Southwest Discoveries tours are the same, which means your guests will consistently experience something new every time they hit the trails with Southwest Discoveries — and as our partner, they'll thank you for the connection.

Partner with Southwest Discoveries to Deliver Treks, Tours, and Tasting Excursions

As Tucson hiking guides, we work closely with destination marketing companies, resorts, hotels, and other organizations in the tourism industry to provide guests with an unforgettable adventure in the beautiful Southwest outdoors.

When your organization partners with Southwest Discoveries, we will work together with you to ensure that your guests receive the best experience possible. By working together, you’ll receive marketing material, flyers, and more to familiarize your guests with what’s available and the planning to fulfill the promised adventure.

  • Group Size

    6 to 100 Hikers

  • Ages

    6 years old to 106 years old

  • Locations

    Utah, Arizona, or New Mexico

  • Difficulty

    Easy to Hard Hikes Available

  • Cost


Check Out What Your Guest’s Experience Could Look Like

Offer More to Your Guests

Your guests come to the Southwest to experience the beauty of the desert. As a Southwest Discoveries partner, you can offer your guests more excursions without taking on more work or hiring more team members. With our help, your guests will find joy in the beautiful desert landscape and cement your organization in their minds as the one that opened the door for the opportunity to explore.

Contact Southwest Discoveries today to speak directly with a tour guide and learn more about what awaits your attendees with a personalized guided hike or tour.

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