Hiking Trails in Tucson – Top Blogs To Read In 2017

Hiking Trails in Tucson Top Blogs BadgeGetting outside for an adventure on the many hiking trails in Tucson, Arizona is amazing. We are drawn to this region by its varied scenery, wide-ranging climate, and awesome beauty, rivaling, if not exceeding any other locale.

While there are, many good websites focusing on this area of the southwest, we’ve separated the wheat from the chaff and brought you a definitive list of the very best hiking trails in Tucson blogs out there. The folks writing articles and posting photos on these websites share their experiences in the outdoors and provide excellent information for anybody who wants to get outside and adventure in the great outdoors of southern Arizona!

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Hiking Trails in Tucson

Experience Arizona

hiking trails in tucson experience-az.comExperience Arizona provides people who enjoy Arizona and outdoor activities with detailed information on outdoor adventures, mainly 4WD, and hiking. They specialize in what to do in Arizona and facets which make the state unique.

Read about adventures throughout Arizona and Tucson here: http://www.experience-az.com/index.html

The New Nomads

hiking trails in tucson thenewnomads.comThe New Nomads specialize in wilderness adventure, including hiking the Arizona Trail, one of the best long distance foot-trails in America. They muse, “it was nothing like I expected. For example, I expected desert and I easily could have been in Hawaii or Alaska depending on which day you judged it by. I expected to be really alone and I was very frequently bonding with others.”

Enjoy their outstanding writing and keen insight here: http://thenewnomads.com/category/the-arizona-trail/

John Steiner

hiking trails in tucson photobyjohn” width=John Steiner loves to travel, take pictures and write. Moreover, he loves blogging so he can share what he loves with others? The time he spends writing and sharing his work on Facebook, Twitter and on his own blog pages are some of his most enjoyable hours in the day. Those hours are second only to the hours he spends discovering new and interesting places hoping in search of photo stores to share with others. Stop and visit, leave a comment and share your experiences of the places John visits.

His website can be found here: https://photobyjohnbo.wordpress.com/category/arizona/

Solo Trips and Tips

hiking trails in tucson solo trips and tips” width=Susan Moore is a digital nomad, a bookkeeper and travel blogger who is currently road tripping around the USA. She loves to travel solo. “I get to be the boss of everything!” she verbalizes.  Through the years, Susan has overcome her fear of travel. Having lived in Canada all her life she was in awe of this new world.  All her senses were treated to new and exotic experiences. “It was life-changing and extraordinary in so many ways. I returned home only because the money was running out and all I could think of was how much I wanted to travel again, to see more of the world.”
Her website can be found here: solotripsandtips.com


hiking trails in tucson trailsnet.com” width=Trailsnet is a website for active travelers and trail lovers. provides information about both self-guided and hosted active travel opportunities worldwide. Trailsnet is a network of trails on the internet which allows users to find the trail of their dreams for biking, hiking, cross-country skiing, backpacking and trail running Founded by author Kevin Purdy, an avid hiker and freelance writer, it provides information about active travel opportunities worldwide. A unique feature is that users can add their own trails to trails.net, posting activities suiting their recreational interests. Trails.net also features a trail blog with beta about trails rules, regulations, transportation, tours and trail building. In addition, Kevin is an active participant in the battle to end childhood obesity.

His website can be found here: http://trailsnet.com

Escaping the midwest

hiking trails in tucson | Escaping The Midwest” width=Julie, from the great city of Chicago, fell in love with the West. When she took a trip to Yosemite National Park in 2006, the beauty moved her and traveling became an obsession. Julie wanted to share her passion and the places she visited who she launched her blogsite, Escaping the Midwest. She is a frequent contributor of Southwest Discoveries’ blogsite, featuring stories and photos of some of the most exciting and beautiful areas of the southwest.
Julie, a mother of two daughters and her husband, writes “I want this blog to be of use to people, to provide reviews, tips, and suggestions, instead of reading like a travel magazine.  Most of us cannot travel the world in luxury and may never see the other hemisphere. But for the world we can see, maybe I can just make someone else’s vacation a little smarter, a little easier, and a whole lot more fun.”
Enjoy her fascinating travelogues and stunning photos here: www.escapingthemidwest.com

AZ Utopia

hiking trails in tucson | azutopia” width=AZ Utopia is all about hiking and Inspiration from Arizona’s great outdoors. They categorize Tucson hikes by area. They state, “Ringed by the beautiful Santa Catalina, Rincon and Tucson Mountains, Tucson area hikes traverse Saguaro studded deserts, dramatic gorges, waterfalls and high summits. Desert hikes are best enjoyed in Winter, Spring and Fall. Snow covers the highest peaks in Winter.

Peruse this outstanding website here: http://www.azutopia.com/hikes/tucson-area-hikes/

Oregonian Media Group

hiking trails in tucson | Oregonian Media Group” width=Oregonian Media Group is a media company which serves a variety of businesses. Terry Richard of the Oregonian writes, “If any American metro area has better hiking close by than Tucson, I haven’t found it. Phoenix, the capital of Arizona, has lots of great hikes, too, but the city is so huge those hikes are spread around a much larger area than Tucson, which is about one-fifth the size of greater Phoenix. Portland has good hiking close to town too, but trust me, I don’t think we have the miles of trails and open areas for wandering that are near Tucson.’ This summarizes what Tucson hikers already know, the city offers some of the best hiking in the nation.

Read his excellent article here: http://blog.oregonlive.com/terryrichard/2013/02/tucsons_top_10_places_to_hike.html


hiking trails in tucson | Watsons Wander” width=from their renovated 25-foot Airstream. Follow them as the embark “on our crazy journey in search of beautiful scenery, fun adventures, interesting people, tasty foods, and more…” They write about hiking and treasure hunting in Tucson Mountain Park, taking in the beauty of Tucson’s Sonoran Desert. Follow them here: http://www.watsonswander.com/2013/hiking-and-treasure-hunting-in-the-tucson-mountain-park


hiking trails in tucson | Luxe Adventures” width=Jennifer and Tim quite their day jobs to travel the world, including the deserts of Tucson, Arizona. They describe themselves as “professional travel writers who love adventure and wine, so we often try to combine the two! By day, you’ll find us out on some crazy adventure like snorkeling in Iceland in winter or on a long-distance hut-to-hut hike in the Dolomites, but by night, we’re creatures of comfort.” In their article Top 10 Arizona Hikes, Jennifer and Tim write that these hikes defy the image of Arizona being a seemingly barren wasteland, but an invitingly beautiful place to hike. They should know, having logged in more than 2,000 miles on 200 plus hikes while living there.

Enjoy their work here: http://luxeadventuretraveler.com/top-10-arizona-hikes/

The Trailvoyant Blog

hiking trails in tucson” width=Jeffrey created the Trailvoyant blog, focusing on hiking in Tucson. He writes that “knowing what you’re getting into when you hit the trail can have a huge impact on how much you enjoy the experience.

When you strike out on a hike for the first time, you want to have some idea of how challenging it will be, so that you can prepare yourself mentally for what you’re about to do physically. That’s why having a good rating system for measuring hike difficulty is important.”

Read his outstanding blogpost 11 Best Wildflower Hikes Around Tucson, Arizona here: http://blog.trailvoyant.com


hiking trails in tucson | Fastmed.com” width=Fast Med describes Tucson as “a hiking enthusiast’s paradise.” It is true that the city has a multitude of national, state and local parks and is flanked on all sides by mountain ranges, each unique and distinct.

Discover Tucson’s spectacular mountains ranges and hiking opportunities here: http://www.fastmed.com/health-resources/az-local-resources/the-5-best-places-to-hike-near-tucson-arizona


hiking trails in tucson | mountainside fitness ” width=Mountainside Fitness lists the many benefits of hiking. They write, “fortunately, no matter where you live in America, you can rest assured that you’ll have plenty of hiking endeavors to go on, and this especially applies if you live in Arizona. Famously known for being one of the best states to go hiking in, let’s take a closer look at the advantages of hiking and five of the best trails to hit” They go on to state that people who hike on a regular basis are at a lower risk of developing coronary heart disease and have a reduced risk of having a stroke. These are just a few of the health benefits of hiking.

Read their excellent blog focusing on Tucson and Arizona day hikes here: https://www.mountainsidefitness.com/blog/our-favorite-arizona-day-hikes/


hiking trails in tucson | mclife tucson” width=MC Life wrote an excellent and informative article, 10 Hiking Trails to Try in Tucson Arizona. They say “Tucson hiking trails are a popular outdoor recreational activity. It’s a great way to get some exercise but it is also an amazing way to experience the beautiful natural scenery in Tucson and the surrounding areas.” For anyone planning on going outside to exercise and take in the great outdoors around Tucson read this article. You won’t find a more beautiful or exciting way to explore the Tucson area!

Their blogsite can be found at http://mclifetucson.com/the-great-outdoors/10-tucson-hiking-trails-you-must-try


hiking trails in tucson | desertlavendar.com” width=Marian McDonald and her husband journey throughout the hinterlands of southern Arizona; camping, hiking and soaking in backcountry pools, not necessarily in that order. Marian’s informative and interesting website, Desert Lavender, focuses on treks to obscure off-the beaten path locations. One of their most amazing sojourns was to a remote gorge in the Galiuro Mountains, Redfield Canyon. This spectacular red rock defile contains a flowing stream, varied flora and fauna and the ruins of what was once a striking desert castle in the heart of the wilderness. Marian wrote “We returned to Redfield Canyon with an intrepid crew, and this time we made it all the way to the bottom, albeit skidding on our butts most of the way. It was worth every bruise and scrape! We made it back to camp just before it began to rain, and the whole crew piled into the truck tent for dinner. We woke up to find the world coated in several inches of fluffy snow. Absolutely gorgeous!’ In addition to her excellent writing, Marian created outstanding multimedia videos of most of the places she and her husband experienced.

Her excellent blogsite can be found here: http://www.desertlavender.com


hiking trails in tucson | simblissity.net” width=Brett Tucker knows all about hiking the sky islands of Arizona. In fact, he spent several months hike the Grand Enchantment Trail, 770 miles of wilderness trekking across the heart of southern Arizona’s portion of the Great Southwest. The trail connects mountains, deserts, canyons and places of historical cultural interest. It starts in Phoenix, swings by the sky islands neighboring Tucson and takes in some of the most obscure trails in the United States.

Enjoy his is fascinating work here: http://www.simblissity.net/skit.shtml

Bill Bens

hiking trails in tucson | Bill Bens” width=Hiker extraordinaire Bill Bens, who has summited 9450-foot Mt. Wrightson over 150 times, is in charge of Tucson Hikers. His group is an on-line forum and network for hikers, backpackers, and peak baggers who love to explore the sky islands and canyons of Tucson’s Sonoran Desert. Tucson Hikers is a hiking network where members are encouraged to use their message board to plan hikes and share experiences and information about the trails of Tucson and Southern Arizona. Hike reports are welcomed and members may post their digital images in their Photos gallery. Check out their excellent website and photos here: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/TucsonHikers/info

Southern Arizona Hiking Club

hiking trails in tucson | Southern Arizona Hiking Club” width=Dedicated to the purpose of promoting hiking which promotes appreciation and preservation of the land, plants and wildlife, the Southern Arizona Hiking Club has been around since 1958. The club was started by a small group of people and has evolved into a nonprofit volunteer club of over 500 members. As they verbalize, “The club is committed to active, responsible and safe participation in the out-of-doors.”  Their monthly club bulletin and blog lists an average of 70 to 100 hiking outings led by volunteer members. 

Join the Southern Arizona Hiking Club at http://www.sahcinfo.org


hiking trails in tucson | hike mt lemon” width=According to Charles Miles, “Southern Arizona has a seemingly endless number of interesting destinations to visit and seeing new place is priceless – but after well over a decade of living in and hiking from Tucson I find myself returning again and again to the Santa Catalina Mountains – perhaps it is just convenience, but I think not…” We think that Charles is onto something; Mt. Lemmon is indeed the epicenter of hiking in Tucson.

Enjoy his excellent writing and photography and take a cyber journey into the mountains of Tucson: http://hikelemmon.com.


hiking trails in tucson | abhiking” width=Brian and Ashley’s hiking blog celebrates the sport of hiking. They have hiked not only in southern California but in the Grand Canyon and beyond.

Peruse their informative piece focusing on Arizona hiking bucket list treks here: http://abhiking.blogspot.com/2015/04/hikes-for-your-arizona-hiking-bucket.html


hiking trails in tucson | Tucson audubon” width=Tucson Audubon describes their mission as follows: “We inspire people to enjoy and protect birds through recreation, education, conservation, and restoration of the environment upon which we all depend.

We work for a future in which the people of southeast Arizona are connected to their natural world through birds, and they protect and use our natural resources in a responsible and sustainable manner.”
Founded in 1949, Tucson Audubon is southeast Arizona’s leading non-profit group focusing on conservation of birds and their habitats.

Read about their walks and field trips and take in their beautiful photos here: http://tucsonaudubon.org


hiking trails in tucson ” width=The White Stallion Ranch, located in the Tucson Mountains, provides a great backdrop for hiking. It borders Saguaro National Park West, making it a great location for high desert hiking. Their blogsite covers hikes ranging from family friendly, informative nature walks to challenging treks up Mesa Vista and to the top of Panther Peak.  They feature a hike which leads their guests to petroglyphs in Saguaro National Park. The petroglyphs, pecked into black volcanic rock by the ancient Hohokam people, date from 250 to 1450 A.D.

Enjoy White Stallion’s superb blogpost here: http://www.whitestallion.com/the-ranch/activities/hiking


hiking trails in tucson |granvillebike.com” width=Mark is a long-time cyclist who enjoys poking fun at himself but most especially at his friends. Mark’s cycling and hiking blog is all about, well, cycling and hiking. Read his excellent post and photos of a hike to Tucson’s Table Mountain, one of the most exciting treks in the Tucson.

The article can be found here: http://www.granvillebike.com/marks-cycling-blog/table-mountain-tucson-az


hiking trails in tucson | Paul J. McClellan” width=Paul J. McClellan has had the good fortune to have spent a good deal of his life in the Pacific Northwest, where he discovered the elation of hiking in the beautiful mountains of the great state of Oregon. As he puts it,” The purpose of this site is to share some of my recreational interests, trip reports, and plans with my family and friends, and to provide links to related resources on the web.” In his superb composition, Tucson Hikes and Peaks, he describes his weeks spent there bicycling and hiking on the beautiful trails of this desert city in the winter.

Read about his hiking adventures here: http://www.glassmountains.com


hiking trails in tucson | travbuddy.com” width=Eric Bjorndahl and David Bjorndahl are the founders of TravBuddy, a great resource for travelers interested in the world around them. They help people locate travel buddies, they recount their experiences and share travel tips with reviews. As they phrase it, “we hope this site will make it easy and fun for you to chronicle your experiences, both past and present. We hope that it will also be an invaluable resource for keeping in contact with family and friends, and for making new friends from all around the world. On their site, they review some of the best trails in Tucson, including Mt. Lemmon and Sabino Canyon.

Read about it here: http://www.travbuddy.com/Tucson-hiking-Trails-v462940


hiking trails in tucson |kayli wanders” width=Kayli Wanders is a self-proclaimed “20-Something living in Phoenix” and exploring the world one trail at a time. Join her as she explores Tucson’s spectacular Seven Falls Trail Seven Falls. It is 7.8 miles of “pure beauty,” as Kayli puts it. Seven Falls is one of Tucson’s premier hikes, located in the beautiful Santa Catalina mountains.

Read her exciting narrative here: http://www.kayliwanders.com/seven-falls-hike-tucson-az


hiking trails in tucson | talusfield.net” width=Talusfield is all about adventure and exploration in the Sonoran Desert and mountains which surround Tucson. At its northern border the Santa Catalina mountains flank the city. Mt. Lemmon rises from 2500 feet to over 9000 feet and the range is split into two major sets of peaks. The front range is rugged and rocky, and the pine covered main range is gentler and rolling.  Sabino Creek, a spectacular riparian area, virtually splits the mountain down the middle and its flowing waters created an impressive canyon.

Read about one of the most amazing hikes in the area, Cathedral Rock. It features a great summit view and the hike itself is a classic: http://talusfield.net/blog/2014/3/23/hiking-cathedral-rock-in-the-santa-catalina-mountains.


hiking trails in tucson | Steve and Mona Liza loves” width=Steve and Mona Liza started the idea of full-timing in an RV in 2006.  They finally purchased their 2008 Winnebago Tour on August 1st, 2009 and initiated their grand RV adventure. They considered a list of trails to enjoy around Tucson and initially chose two trails – Seven Falls Trail in Sabino/Bear Canyon, and the scenic Mt. Wasson Peak Trail at Saguaro National Park.

Read their outstanding trail narratives and enjoy their photos here: https://lowestravels.com/2016/01/28/hiking-with-john-and-pam-tucson-az


hiking trails in tucson | backpackers.com” width=Backpackers.com defines backpackers as “people that have a deep love for nature, travel, and the exploration of the unknown. That’s us, and that’s most likely you.” Their mission is to provide a clear-cut resource for outdoor gear and how to advice, which they accomplish through their Recommended Gear and Outdoor Guide sections.

Tucson area hikes are included in their first-rate piece, 7 Epic Spring Hikes of 2016: https://backpackers.com


hiking trails in tucson | hike it baby” width=Hikeitbaby.com is a community driven organization dedicated to getting families outside with children from birth to school age. They provide support to get children out in nature and to raising a generation to love the outdoors. Hike it Baby started in July of 2013, when Founder Shanti Hodges invited a few other new families to join her for a hike. Through the help of an ever-increasing group of volunteers, this organization grew from a small group of parents to a large community of families.

More information the group and Tucson hikes they’re offering, visit here: https://hikeitbaby.com/hike/agua-caliente-hill-climb-2


hiking trails in tucson | burner photography blog” width=Benjamin Bruner is the owner and Founder of Burnerphotography.com. He is a photographer, videographer, editor and digital content producer and has created several YouTube channels. Collectively these channels have 100+ educational videos, 6,000+ subscribers and 1,500,000+ views ● Here, he photographs the desert at night in Tucson. He says: “hiking during the day can be nearly unbearable. Night hiking is the brilliant solution to this problem. The weather is much cooler, you have the trails to yourself, and you can explore the brilliant nightscapes of your familiar daytime hikes.

Enjoy his dazzling work here: http://blog.burnerphotography.com/2009/06/night-hiking-in-tucson-arizona.html


hiking trails in tucson | patagonia” width=The Sky Islands of southeastern Arizona are one of the world’s most beautiful and unique ecosystems. Consider Patagonia, AZ. It is nestled in the heart of Sky Island country and sits at an elevation of 4,050 feet, 18 miles north of the U.S./Mexico border and one hour’s drive south of Tucson.  The surrounding Coronado National Forest affords great hiking and seclusion, the neighboring Santa Rita Mountain rise to 9,453 feet and the Patagonia Mountains peak out at 7,221 feet. In addition, some of the finest riparian habitats and birding exists nearby.

Enjoy reading about wonderful attractions and hiking in the area here: http://www.patagoniaaz.com/category/area-attractions/hiking.


hiking trails in tucson | visit tucson” width=Visittucson.org extolls the beauty and virtues of Tucson and its surrounding areas. As they state it “Tucson is rich with a deep-rooted history and a culture grown from a landscape that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. Explore untouched corners of the vast Sonoran Desert. Look up to the sky and see a million twinkling stars. Get lost within the painted walls of historic barrios. Find freedom to roam from the depths of ancient caves to the tops of stunning mountain peaks.” Visittucson.org encourages folks to venture off the beaten path.

Read about the great and unique hikes only Tucson can offer here: https://www.visittucson.org


hiking trails in tucson | alltrails.com” width=AllTrails, foundered in 2010 and based in San Francisco, California, provides a complete database for hiking and other outdoor activities across the nation. it provides outdoor enthusiasts with the largest and most active digital community and the tools and information they need to get outside, record their adventures, and share them with their friends and family.

Explore some of the best trails in Tucson, along with reviews by hikers and photos here: https://www.alltrails.com/us/arizona/tucson


hiking trails in tucson | arizona hiking” width=ArizonaHiking.org lists 361 hikes on its comprehensive website, including many of the best Tucson hiking trails. The state is broken down by 10 regions including the Grand Canyon, Northern Arizona, and the Phoenix and Tucson areas.

Enjoy reading descriptions and reviews of Tucson’s finest hiking trails, ranging from Aravaipa Canyon, the Aspen Loop and the Bog Springs Loop, just to name a few: http://arizonahiking.org/jreviews-directory/jreviews-listings-module-7


hiking trails in tucson | southern arizona guide” width=Southern Arizona Guide lists their hiking recommendations in Southern Arizona. Hundreds of great hikes exist and but they separate the wheat from the chaff. Among their favorites include the Chiracahua Mountains and Cochise Stronghold, both easy day trips from Tucson.

If you are a hiking enthusiast, click here: http://southernarizonaguide.com/dining-and-lodging/adventures/hiking-southern-arizona


hiking trails in tucson | sonoran desert” width=The Coalition for Sonoran Desert Protection is a great organization. Their mission as they state “to achieve the long-term conservation of biological diversity and ecological function of the Sonoran Desert through comprehensive land-use planning, with primary emphasis on Pima County’s Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan. Working with Pima County, they implemented the ground-breaking  Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan.

Read about their major achievements and the fascinating Sonoran Desert of Tucson here: http://www.sonorandesert.org


hiking trails in tucson | Hike bike and travel” width=Leigh McAdam is the founder of HikeBikeTravel. As Leigh states on her website,” she long ago abandoned a career as a geologist, dietitian and owner of a successful small business to follow her passion for travel, adventure and the outdoors. Along the way, she developed a love of photography and now she hates to go anywhere without a camera.” Leigh is a member of the Professional Travel Bloggers Association (PBTA), the Travel Media Association of Canada (TMAC) and the Society of American Travel Writers (SATW).

Enjoy her excellent narrative Biking Tucson and Arizona’s Sonoran Desert here: http://www.hikebiketravel.com/eguide-store-bike-tours-adventure-travel-hiking-walking-tours/usa/tucson-arizonas-sonoran-desert


hiking trails in tucson |Friends of Saguaro ” width=As described on their website, Friends of Saguaro partners with the National Park Service to provide strategic resources and support that promote park exploration and discovery, preservation and conservation, and resource stewardship. By providing critical financial support and growing public awareness, Friends of Saguaro provides a vital link between Saguaro National Park and the Tucson community — and helps protect our “most glorious heritage” for future generations.” Their website is all about the Sonoran Desert and Sky Islands, the two dominant geographic features which make this area so special.

Read all about the fascinating and diverse hikes and trails at Saguaro National Park here: http://www.friendsofsaguaro.org/hikestrails


hiking trails in tucson | sabino naturalists” width=Sabino Canyon Volunteer Naturalists are a volunteer organization devoted to helping people of all ages appreciate the natural wonder of Sabino Canyon as well as the adjoining Sonoran Desert. The canyon is a beautiful and ecologically diverse riparian area in cut out of the Santa Catalina Mountains. SCVN currently has over 150 members. In partnership with the Santa Catalina Ranger District of the Coronado National Forest, it has offered educational programs for children and adults for more than 30 years.

Read about their hike programs and descriptions here: http://www.sabinonaturalists.org/walkshikesdemos


hiking trails in tucson | discover marana” width=Marana, Arizona, a suburb of Tucson, is a first-rate hiking location. Discovermarana.org list the best hikes in and around Marana. If you like rugged backcountry expeditions that are miles from the nearest road or if you prefer gentle nature walks, check out Marana. Moreover, if you are you a peak bagger or boulder hopper, the trails in and around Marana have got what you’re looking for.

Enjoy their recommended top three hiking adventures, places such as the Wild Burro Trail or Sweetwater Wetlands, here: http://www.discovermarana.org/blog/top-three-hikes-in-and-around-marana


hiking trails in tucson | trailsunblazed.com” width=Read about hiking southern Arizona’s obscure and magnificent Dos Cabezas Mountains on trailblazed.com. Chris and Laura’s hiking website consists of a treasure trove of remote hikes across the nation, including Arizona. They describe themselves as “a couple of lifelong New Englanders traversing the globe on weekends and vacation days. We hope whoever stumbles upon this blog can get some ideas for future vacations, weekend getaways, hikes or day trips.”

Enjoy their off-the beaten path adventures here: http://www.trailsunblazed.com/guest-post-dos-cabezas-arizona


hiking trails in tucson | adventure buddies blog ” width=Jayah Faye Paley is an author, fitness & Wellness educator and AFAA & ACE-certified Personal Trainer and well as the founder of two award-winning DVDs: POLES for Hiking, Trekking & Walking and POLES for Balance & Mobility. Her company AdventureBurddies and PlesForMobility.com focuses on helping people to more safely and completely enjoy their outdoor experiences. Jayah also leads hiking, walking and fitness seminars for National and State Park Associations and for the Sierra Club in San Francisco.

Enjoy Desert Hiking – Tucson in January: http://adventurebuddies.net/blog/2013/01/desert-hiking-tucson-in-january


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