Best Hikes Near Phoenix: Awesome Day Trips

Experience the best hikes near Phoenix, featuring some of the most awe-inspiring scenery the southwest has to offer. From lush Sonoran Desert vegetation to picturesque mountain ranges it’s easy to see what attracts hikers to this corner of the world. As you gaze upon towering saguaros and beautiful sky island mountain ranges in the distance, you will understand why hiking in Phoenix should be on every adventurer’s travel bucket list.

On these unique adventure and conservation oriented hikes, you will get a taste of the geology, the botany and flavor of the Sonoran Desert surrounding Phoenix.  Enjoy this five minute video spotlighting the Superstition Mountains. Just 60 miles east of metropolitan Phoenix, Arizona’s Superstition Mountains are a great wilderness of plateaus, peaks, cliffs and spires. Hidden in these mountains are the spirits of the Past, remnants of ancient civilizations and the mysterious Lost Dutchman Gold Mine. Enjoy this two-and-a-half-minute video showcasing the splendor of the Superstitions, a hiking, canyoneering and bird-watching paradise.


Best Hikes Near Phoenix 

The beauty, flora and fauna and landscapes in this region are second to none. At Southwest Discoveries, we know the best trails available to you based on your level of experience.

It’s a well known fact that Arizona is spectacular, often breathtakingly so. Tucson and vicinity contains some of the most awesome, wondrous and secluded hikes in the southwest, a staggering diversity of landscapes, perfect for Arizona Day Trips and adventures. But with so many amazing places to trek, just where to you draw the line? Allow us the opportunity to present to you the most breathtaking hikes, perfect destinations for your next hiking adventure.

Hiking Phoenix-Weavers-Needle

Weavers Needle

We will provide everything needed, including transportation, water, beverages, lunch and experienced knowledgeable guides. We offer half day or full day or multi-day guided hiking and adventure excursions throughout Tucson, Phoenix, the Grand Canyon and the great southwest. Contact us for prices and times. Here are a few samplings of our offerings:

Half Day Hikes – moderate hiking

Peralta Trail – 5 miles

An incredibly beautiful guided hike in the Superstition Mountains. You will enjoy stunning scenery featuring an overlook of Weavers Needle, one of the most awe inspiring sights in the southwest. It is a 1,000 foot high rock column which formed a distinctive peak and visible from many miles away. It was formed when volcanic ash solidified a formed a rock layer known as tuff which mostly eroded away, forming the impressive we see today.

We will follow the Peralta Trail through a lush green valley studded with oaks and many other trees and shrubs. After about a miles, the trail leaves the valley and starts gently climbing, affording arresting views of the volcanic peaks and spires of the Superstitions before reaching Fremont Saddle.  After enjoying a sumptuous lunch and taking in the views of Weavers Needle at this awesome location, we will retrace our steps and return to the trailhead by way of the Peralta Trail. An alternative for more adventurous hikers is to return by way of the Cave Trail, providing an awesome loop hike and capping an invigorating day hiking in the Superstition Mountains.

Full Day Hikes – moderate hiking

The Spirits of the Past at Rogers Canyon – 8 miles


Rogers Canyon – Salado ruin

Rogers Canyon, at Arizona’s magnificent Superstition Wilderness, is a protected riparian and desert oasis with a perennial stream, towering canyon walls, lush vegetation, and lots of birds and wildlife.

500 to 600 years ago, the Salado peoples were eking out a living in Rogers Canyon. We will start our hike at the scenic Rogers Trough trailhead and left at the Rogers Canyon trail junction to hop on the Rogers Canyon Trail. Gradually, the character and look of the landscape will transform from high desert grassland to riparian. Huge old sycamore trees, juniper, oak and mountain laurel will make their appearance. As we venture deeper into the thick of Rogers Canyon, spectacular volcanic rock formations will be visible, featuring various shapes chiseled by the elements. Some rock formations resemble a teapot, Queen Victoria’s crown and there are huge boulders perched precariously high up on  canyon walls.

After four miles of amazing hiking, we will arrive at the Salado cliff dwellings. These well preserved ruins, located in a huge cave above the canyon floor, were the highlight of our day. At one time, as many as 100 people lived here and there were more than 65 rooms when it was constructed over 600 years ago. Most of the ruins have all but vanished but there is still a lot to see. The view from the ruins, looking out across the canyon was fantastic, is a sight to behold.


The drive back from Rogers Trough trailhead, especially at sunset, is almost as striking as the hike itself. To the west views of saguaro studded Byous Butte are glorious. About six miles down the road on the right, we will observe a picturesque stone arch. Numerous ridges and peaks of the Superstitions as well as other sky islands in the distance are prevalent throughout the journey back to civilization.


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