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Finding Water - An Essential Skill

Finding Water: An Essential Skill for Survival

Finding Water is an essential skill for any outdoor enthusiast. At Southwest Discoveries, we make it a point to recommend a certain set of tools and level of preparedness before you embark on any outdoor adventure. Be it hiking trails in tucson, backpacking the great sand dunes...
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Hiking Trails in Tucson

Hiking Trails in Tucson – Top Blogs To Read In 2017

Getting outside for an adventure on the many hiking trails in Tucson, Arizona is amazing. We are drawn to this region by its varied scenery, wide-ranging climate, and awesome beauty, rivaling, if not exceeding any other locale. While there are, many good websites focusing on this...
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Hiking Bryce Canyon

Hiking in Bryce Canyon: 5 Reasons to Go

Hiking in Bryce Canyon cannot truly be summed up in words, though many of us outdoor and hiking enthusiasts try. A sprawling natural reserve and collection of giant natural amphitheaters located in Southwestern Utah, Bryce Canyon provides an incredible hiking experience and views...
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Great Sand Dunes Colorado

Great Sand Dunes Colorado: A Must See Oddity

Great Sand Dunes Colorado, a National Park and Preserve located in the San Luis Valley along the eastern part of Colorado, was formed from the Rio Grande and its tributaries and was originally created as a National Monument in 1932, later established as a National Park in 2004....
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Horseshoe Bend Hike

Horseshoe Bend Hike: Read This Before You Go

Horseshoe Bend Hike: read this before you go is a sign posted along the border of Utah and Arizona about 5 miles from the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and just before the horseshoe Bend trailhead. Carved out long ago by the Colorado river as it wound its way through the...
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adventures in the southwest

Take a Hike: 7 of the Grandest Adventures in the Southwest

Adventures in the Southwest are trips of a lifetime that will challenge you physically and engross you spiritually, leaving an unforgettable and enduring impression of the richest wild places on the planet. The southwest contains literally thousands of amazing hikes. Therefore,...
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Hiking Angels Landing

Hiking Angels Landing – Spectacular, Exhilarating & Terrifying

Despite its difficulty, hiking Angels Landing is the most popular hike among outdoor adventurers in Zion National park. One such hiking “over-the-top obsessed with hiking” enthusiast is Chelsea Alves, The Sun Kissed Hiker. Having been bitten by the hiking bug after just one hike,...
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Adventuring in the Great Southwest – 50 Awesome Blogs

Getting outside and adventuring in the great southwest is an amazing, almost otherworldly experience. We are drawn to this region by its varied scenery, wide-ranging climate and awesome beauty, rivaling if not exceeding any other locale. Many places in the southwest are so...
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Slide Rock State Park

Slide Rock State Park – Sedona’s Natural Waterslide

Slide Rock State Park in Sedona, AZ is a unique and must visit attraction for all outdoor enthusiasts. Located in beautiful Oak Creek Canyon, Slide Rock State Park, originally known as the Pendley Homestead, is a beautiful historic family farm and apple orchard and is one of the...
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Hiking Antelope Canyon

Hiking Antelope Canyon: An Amazing Place To Visit

When it comes to picturesque Southwest adventures in Arizona, hiking Antelope Canyon has to be one of the highlights. Located on Native American Lands in Page, Arizona, Antelope Canyon is a slot canyon divided into upper and lower sections that are extremely popular with...
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Utah Lodging | Boulder Mountain Lodge

Utah Lodging – Distinctive Accommodations in Utah’s Parklands

As our readers know, we often spend a lot of time writing about the splendor and majesty we outdoor enthusiasts find when visiting and hiking the Utah Parklands. However, an integral part of the trip – and often shortchanged when articles of the journeys are written – are the...
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Devils Bridge Trail

Devil’s Bridge Trail: One Epic Hike to Take

Devil's Bridge Trail is one of the most popular hikes in the Sedona area attracting both casual hikers and the more adventurous outdoors enthusiasts; with its natural rock staircase, fantastic views, and the largest natural sandstone arch in the Sedona area it's easy to see why...
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Hiking the South Kalibab Trail | Copyright© Chelsea Ives

Hiking The South Kalibab Trail in Grand Canyon

  Today we would like to point your attention to an article we found by fellow hiking and outdoor enthusiast Chelsea Alves from Chelsea has created a wonderful exposé on hiking the South Kalibab Trail in Grand Canyon National Park and the wonders that...
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Senior Adventures

Top Baby Boomer Travel Blogs for Senior Adventures

Baby boomers, 70 million strong and avid adventure travelers, are life-long learners. They invented the eco-tourism trend and tend to shun large tour groups. They thrive on the discovery of off-the-beaten-path places, both in America and around the planet. We’ve written...
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Unique Bucket List Ideas

Unique Bucket List Ideas for Travel in the Southwest

In the 2007 film “Bucket List”, two terminally ill men (portrayed by Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson) share a hospital room and define a list of things to do before they “kick the bucket.” Looking out over the Pyramids of Egypt, the character played by...
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multigenerational vacations

Multigenerational Vacations and Baby Boomer Travel

Multigenerational Vacations and Travel (ie, grandparents traveling with grandkids and their parents.) are quickly becoming a trend enjoyed by both young and old alike and are the focus of today’s installment in our ongoing series on Baby Boomer Travel. In our first article,...
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Baby Boomer Travel

Baby Boomer Travel – 15 Health Benefits of Hiking

In our first article of our Baby Boomer Travel series, we talked about the allure of Senior Tours and how you are never too old for an adventure. In today’s post, to prove our point, we thought we would share with you the 15 Health Benefits of Hiking you can experience in...
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Senior Tours

Senior Tours – Never Too Old for An Adventure

Baby boomers are the 70 million Americans currently in their 50s and 60s, born between 1946 and 1966. They tend to be an adventurous lot in general. They were the first generation of Americans to backpack in large numbers in North America, Europe and in other continents. They...
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Hiking Zion National Park

Hiking Zion National Park

Hiking Zion National Park exposes outdoor enthusiasts to some incredible sights: from red sandstone cliff formations to narrow slot canyons; from refreshing springs and waterfalls to the lush fauna of the hanging gardens...
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Wilderness Survival Skills

Wilderness Survival Skills

Wilderness survival skills are essential for all hikers and backpackers to have. Should you ever find yourself lost and alone, you’ll be thankful you took the time to prepare yourself ahead of time for just that situation...
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Calf Creek Falls | Hiking the Escalante

Calf Creek Falls

Calf Creek Falls, an awe-inspiring hike filled with lush vegetation, Navajo sandstone, and life-sized pictographs is the focus of today’s post and rounds out our Hiking the Escalante series. In our first article, we spotlighted the magnificent “cathedrals” of...
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Hiking the Escalante | The Toadstools

Hiking the Escalante – Geology Comes Alive at the Toadstools

Hiking the Escalante is the name of our current Southwest hiking series showcasing some of the incredible adventures that await along the Escalante River Basin and its tributaries in Southern Utah. In our first article of our hiking the Escalante series we traveled to the most...
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Peek a Boo Slot Canyon - Hiking the Escalanet

Peek a Boo Slot Canyon and Spooky Gulch – A Hiker’s Extravaganza

Our first article in our Hiking the Escalante series showcased the most beautiful hike in the Southwest, Coyote Gulch. We followed that incredible journey with discussing by far the single most impressive natural feature in the Southwest, Stevens Arch. In today’s post, part...
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Hiking Utah

Hiking Utah – Steven’s Arch

Hiking Utah has its rewards for all southwestern hiking enthusiasts; from seasoned explorers to the novice backpacker. In today’s post, we continue with our Hiking the Escalante series by turning our focus to perhaps the single most impressive natural feature in the West:...
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Hiking Coyote Gulch

Hiking Coyote Gulch: The Most Beautiful Hike in the Southwest

Canyons are the Southwest’s magnificent cathedrals. Today’s article is the first in our hiking the Escalante series showcasing the beauty and splendor of these incredible cathedrals and the awe-inspiring formations created by the Escalante River. Sheer cliffs, red rock walls,...
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Hiking Trails in Phoenix | Copyright Clark Norton

Hiking Trails in Phoenix & The McDowell Sonoran Preserve

Wrapping up our series on Hiking Trails in Phoenix, we thought what better way to do so than to turn your attention to a previous post provided by an extraordinary travel copywriter and Baby-Boomer travel expert, Clark Norton. Clark is a freelance journalist who specializes in...
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Phoenix Area Hiking | Salome Jug

A Phoenix Area Hiking Adventure – Salome Jug

Throughout our Phoenix Area Hiking series, we’ve reflected on the splendor of the Sonoran Desert flora of Devil’s Canyon, showcased the 12-mile gorge of Aravaipa, and explored the majestic Superstition Mountains and Weaver’s Needle Loop. Today we thought it only...
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Hiking Phoenix-Weavers-Needle

Hiking Phoenix – Superstition Mountains

In the first installment of our hiking Phoenix series, we showcased the luscious green and dazzling splendor of Devil’s Canyon followed by the stunning 12-mile gorge, often referred to as the Grand Canyon of the Sonoran Desert, Aravaipa. Continuing on with our Hiking...
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Hiking near Phoenix - Aravaipa

Hiking Near Phoenix – Aravaipa

Located halfway between Phoenix and Tucson lies a stunning 12 mile gorge. Aravaipa Canyon is one of the finest hiking near Phoenix and backpacking locations in the Southwest. The canyon, a protected riparian area, is truly a desert paradise with a perennial stream, towering...
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Hiking in Phoenix

Hiking in Phoenix – A Southwestern Hiking Series

Many regions of the United States are extraordinary for their diverse climate and topography. California comes to mind, as well as the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Northwest. But many people don’t consider the Southwest region as being more than desert. Yet, Arizona displays...
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North Kaibab Trail

North Kaibab Trail & The Home at The Bottom

In our last post, we pointed you to a fellow hiking enthusiast’s blog “Escaping the Midwest” and her first-timer’s experience Hiking the Grand Canyon. Keeping in line with the theme of hiking the Grand Canyon, more specifically, the North Kaibab Trail, we would like to point you...
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Hiking the Grand Canyon Sunrise

Hiking the Grand Canyon: A first-timer’s journey!

When it comes to hiking trips to take in the Southwest, we here at Southwest Discoveries never hesitate to recommend the beauty, awe and wonder one experiences when Hiking the Grand Canyon. I recently came across of blog entitled “Escaping the Midwest” where the author Julie...
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Hiking in New Mexico | White Sands

Hiking in New Mexico – 3 unforgettable trips to take

I came across a recent blog post by a fellow Southwest hiking adventurer named Ayssa about hiking in New Mexico and 3 trips in particular you can take that are located near Las Cruces New Mexico that, according to the writer (and yours truly), are unforgettable. Quite often,...
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Coyote Gulch | Hiking the Escalanete

Coyote Gulch – Hiking in the Escalante

In a recent post on his website, friend, photographer and fellow Southwest Tours enthusiast Ed Doran wrote an excellent piece about traveling through the canyon lands of Southern Utah, the Escalante Grand Staircase National Monument, and Coyote Gulch. Over the course of his 7 day...
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Tucson Hikes | Palisades Canyon rapelling

Palisades Canyon – One of the Most Exciting Tucson Hikes in the Southwest

Today’s article wraps up our series of 5 awesome hiking in tucson adventures. In our first article of, we showcased the glorious pinnacle and stunning views of Mt Wrightson. We followed that with the Tucson hiking trails of Redfield Mountain, the place that time forgot. We then...
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Hiking Trails near Tucson | Rincon Peak Hiking

Hiking Trails Near Tucson: Rincon Peak – Of Dad, the Mountain and Life

In our fourth installment of 5 Awesome Hiking in Tucson Adventures, today’s adventure takes us to one of the best hiking trails near Tucson and most spectacular sky islands in Arizona: Rincon Peak. I was 12 years old again, competing against Rodney Bernard in a judo...
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Tucson Hiking Trails - red Ridge loop

Tucson Hiking Trails – Monsoon Magic on the Red Ridge Loop

Continuing with our series on Hiking in Tucson and 5 Awesome Adventures that await you, today we showcase one of the best Tucson Hiking Trails: the Red Ridge Loop. Simply put, the Red Ridge loop is one of the most beautiful summer hikes in Arizona. In the middle of a desert...
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Hiking Near Tucson | Redfield Canyon

Hiking Near Tucson: Redfield Canyon – The Place Time Has Forgotten

In our previous article in our series about hiking in Tucson, we showcased the glorious pinnacle and stunning views of Mt Wrightson. Today’s post shines a spotlight on some incredible hiking near tucson: Redfield Canyon. Hiking Near Tucson – Redfield Canyon Imagine a secret...
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Hiking in Tucson | Hiking Mt. Wrightson

Hiking in Tucson – 5 Awesome Adventures

Hiking in Tucson is arguably some of the best hiking in the world. From lush Sonoran Desert vegetation to picturesque mountain ranges it’s easy to see what attracts hikers to this corner of the world. As you gaze upon towering saguaros and beautiful sky island mountain ranges in...
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Hiking in Red Rock Canyon- a great way to escape the craziness of Las Vegas

Today’s post has been written by Corey, courtesy of Anna Nowak of Postcards from the World. Never stop exploring is Anna’s motto. She writes about some of the most spellbinding and spectacular places on the globe. Hiking in Red Rock Canyon, just beyond the outskirts of the...
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Senior Tours

Senior Tours – You’re Never Too Old for Adventure

Baby boomers – the 70 million Americans currently in their 50s and 60s, with the vanguard turning 70 in 2016 – tend to be an adventurous bunch in general. They were the first generation of Americans to go backpacking in large numbers across Europe – and later across Asia and...
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Day Trips Arizona | Nankoweap Trail

Best Day Trips in Arizona – Adventuring at Nankoweap

As we conclude our series of the top 5 Day Trips in Arizona that you can take in the southwest, let’s take a moment to recap our top 5 suggestions. In our previous articles we discussed the marvelous wide open spaces and rich assortment of extraordinary plants of Organ Pipe...
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Rogers Canyon Ruins | Arizona Day Trips

Rogers Canyon – Another one of our top Arizona Day Trips

So far in our series of 5 awesome Arizona Day trips you can take in the Southwest, we have covered the big, beautiful, uninterrupted space of Organ Pipe National Monument, the swimmer’s dream and paradise found of Wet Beaver Creek and the beautiful sunsets and grand views of...
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Finger Rock Trail – Best Arizona Day Trips

In our first two articles discussion the best day trips you can take in Arizona, we covered the big, beautiful, uninterrupted space of Organ Pipe National Monument and the swimmer’s dream and paradise found of Wet Beaver Creek. Today we offer up another selection from our Top 5...
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Arizona Day Trips | Wet Beaver Creek

Arizona Day Trips – Wet Beaver Creek – Paradise Found!

Continuing in our series of 5 awesome Arizona Day trips you can take in the Southwest, today’s article focuses on a backcountry swimmer’s dream and a true example of Paradise Found: Wet Beaver Creek. Located on the western escarpment of the Mogollon Rim, the perennially flowing...
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Organ Pipe Cactus | Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument

Arizona Day Trips – 5 Awesome Hikes in the Southwest

It’s a well known fact that Arizona is beautiful, often breathtakingly so. From the fascinating Sonoran Desert in southern Arizona to the red rock country near Sedona and the Grand Canyon, Arizona features a staggering diversity of landscapes and awe-inspiring wonders, perfect...
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hiking in Arizona

Scottsdale, Arizona: Splendor in the Desert – by Clark Norton

I’m running a guest post from Clark Norton, an extraordinary travel copywriter and an expert in baby boomer travel.  Clark is a freelance journalist who specializes in copywriting assignments and consultations with tour companies, travel and tourism bureaus, cruise lines,...
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15 Benefits of Hiking – Get on the Path to Longevity Today!

Benefits of Hiking – Health and Fitness Boosting Strategies Are you finding it difficult to get motivated about exercise? Does sweating at the gym seem less than appealing? Then hiking is your solution! What are the benefits of hiking?People who hike on a regular basis...
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Getting Ready for Desert Hiking – Part 2

Backpacking and hiking trips are one of the most thrilling ways to get in touch with nature and see the world. In part two of “Getting Ready for Desert Hiking, you’ll find everything you need to get in good physical condition and strategize for the trails. Core and Balance...
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travel bucket list

Getting Ready for Desert Hiking

Interested in desert hiking and adventure travel? Backpacking and hiking trips are one of the most thrilling ways to get in touch with nature and see the world. From canyon ravines to spectacular cliffs, you’re about to embark on a journey of a lifetime. But before you pack your...
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